It’s Time to Get a Business Consultant & Broker With the Right Solutions. Thankfully You’ve
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Entegra Group Business Brokerage
Entegra Group Business Brokerage
Entegra Group Business Brokerage

Greetings From Entegra Group

We are here to enable businesses to access the business services they need to be more successful.

Our Expertise

Our consulting services can help protect and grow your business, and our proven expertise will give you confidence as you buy or sell a business or franchise.

Entegra Group Business Brokerage
Entegra Group Business Brokerage

Covering Your Regulatory Needs

The risks are real, and so are the solutions we bring to address regulatory needs with expertise that ensures you comply.

Dedicated Real Estate Solutions

Our expert attorneys, realtors, accountants, and franchise specialists are dedicated to solutions to your commercial or residential goals.



Tony Dean


"Shawn's combination of skills and experience is unmatched, and that's what sets him apart."

Scott Wedergren

Bank President

“Shawn’s record of success in many industries speaks for itself. I would recommend him as a first call for those that need help with their businesses.”

Rick Landenberger


"My partnership with Shawn has been terrific, and he has been a great resource for me with his legal, business and real estate experience." 

Jodi Ross

“Shawn came up with a creative solution for my real estate situation, and I appreciate his experience, communication and ingenuity.”