Buying Or Selling a Business

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Entegra Group Business Brokerage
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Your Preferred Partner

In a pro-business environment like ours, there's a strong market for buying and selling businesses, especially when you have the proven resources of Entegra Group Business Brokerage. From our proven experience and attorney-led expertise to our assurance of confidentiality and reputation for service, it is no wonder Entegra Group Business Brokerage is a preferred partner for those wishing to buy or sell a business. We're also specialists in the area of franchise concepts.

Buying a Business

The purchase of an existing business can be a smart investment. It's a great way to pursue entrepreneurship with an established customer base, business assets, and a revenue stream. Or use the acquisition to complement the capabilities of your current business or portfolio. How do you ensure the opportunity is everything you hope? Entegra Group Business Brokerage brings expertise and a proven experience to meet your expectations.

Entegra Group Business Brokerage
Entegra Group Business Brokerage

What We Offer

A full-service business brokerage, we're able to:

  • Help you to identify businesses that are available for sale
  • Assure due diligence and research is completed to assess the value and viability of the business
  • Offer insight into the rewards and risks associated with the purchase
  • Provide CPA-certified valuations of business whenever necessary
  • Research and negotiate any associated lease terms or real estate assets associated with the purchase

Selling a Business

There's a lot more to selling your business than setting a price and an exit strategy. At Entegra Group Business Brokerage, we understand how to bring together the right terms, the right price, and the right buyer to make the sale of your business. Our reputation is built on a practiced approach that not only sets us apart from many other business brokerage firms; it also ensures a high degree of service to the smallest detail.

When you sell your business through Entegra Group Business Brokerage, we're able to provide you with:

  • Access our extensive network of buyers, along with our knowledge and understanding of their preferences and interests
  • Accurately assign a CPA-certified valuation of your business, if necessary
  • Provide due diligence and research to ensure the process proceeds smoothly and with no surprises
  • Offer additional capabilities to assist with exit strategies and ownership transition, employee relations and client retention, real estate, insurance, and risk management

Buying a Franchise

The range of franchise concepts available today provides near limitless potential for business ownership, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs, those seeking opportunities beyond their existing careers, and business owners wanting to expand into other businesses. Entegra Group Business Brokerage's partnership with a franchise consultant enables you to move forward with confidence.

Working with you, we can help you to explore and evaluate the full potential of these offerings:

  • Helping you to determine if franchise ownership is right for you
  • Identifying the franchise concepts that provide the best fit for you – and offer the best opportunity for success
  • Move forward with any franchise opportunity you select, ensuring you understand the process, the terms, and the potential
  • Expand beyond the immediate area to include regional or national areas